Welcome! It’s an exciting time in the cannabis industry, as changes in our political climate enable more people to get access to high quality, safe products from maturing companies. We believe in the wonderful medicinal properties of cannabis, which are often neglected by companies who choose to operate in the recreational space.

We founded NeuroFarms with the idea that everyone should have access to safe, effective products that are designed to take advantage of everything this wonderful plant has to offer in the aid of a wide range of illnesses. Our holistic and scientific approach has led to great patient success stories, and we are driven by our commitment to bring wellness to as many people as possible.
We thank you for you interest in our company, and are looking forward to working together in this exciting venture.

NeuroFarms Inc. is a new vertically integrated cannabis manufacturer and supplier, with extraction facilities in San Diego and Desert Hot Springs, CA. NeuroFarms Inc. is organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) formed and authorized under the laws of California and is led by Victor H. Rocha as CEO. Company will have the ability to establish a vertical operation. NeuroFarms Inc. is also dedicated to making the cleanest, safest, premium quality cannabis concentrates and extracts. The company will distribute products through wholesale transactions to qualified, licensed and NeuroFarms Inc. vetted cannabis entities.

Business Milestones

1. Consolidation and license acquisition.

NeuroFarmssigned a letter of intent for a joint commercial agreement with Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals, the ONLY federal license for bulk manufacture, Import, Clinical research and Distribution ofCannabis in the USA.

2. Increase productioncapabilities

NeuroFarms received a federal court mandate in Mexico for the Importation and distribution of cannabinoid medicinal formulation for the Mexican Social Security Administration (Secretariade SaludFederal), a 130 million consumer market.

3. Compliance

To be fully compliant, NeuroFarms is entering into an MOU with the Mexican Defense Ministry to establish a joint venture contract for the import, production and distribution of the medicinal cannabinoid formulations thatwillbeproducedunder FOUR (4) US FEDERAL LICENSES.

4. Become a leader and expand into new markets

Neurofarms formulations plusourMexican federal mandate along with the strategic association with Royal Emerald DEA-FDA-GSA license, is the key springboard into the +89 free trade markets that Mexico currently ispartofthrough their Free Trade Agreement Program

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring quality natural health to every person who needs it by producing the best medical cannabis products. We initiated human clinical trials in Tijuana, Baja California in 2016. To date, more than 3,000 case studies have been conducted.

Vision Statement

To become the qualitative leader, producer and supplier of medicinal cannabis and high-quality cannabinoid concentrates to medical institutions, qualified dispensaries and medical formulators worldwide.

Guiding Principles

Family owned

NeuroFarmsstarted this journey from the necessity to combat illness in our own familiy. Today we stand by our family values and strive to apply them in all our work as we continue to grow NeuroFarms

Scientific approach

Our holistic views have led us to research and implement production processes to be able to create the safest, highest quality, full spectrum extracts for medicinal and therapeutic use.


We believe the key to wellness is to treat the mind and body as a whole. Just the same, we view cannabis as a whole plant, with its full potential reached when all its cannabinoids act together with multiple other herbal compounds.


Everyone deserves to have access to safe and effective treatments in order to achieve wellness, and we are here to make that happen.

Our customers and patients

We primarily serve patients with various conditions such as Cancer, Epilepsy, Depression, Hypertension, Insomnia, PTSD and Anxiety.

NeuroFarms has signed a cooperation agreement with Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals for the research, development and production of these specific formulations to the U.S. Veterans Administration, and to provide the Mexican DHS (Secretariade SaludFederal), the formulations mandated by Supreme Court Orders.

Future Services

The Biomatrix is our Online Patient EMR. This system monitors patients baselines in real time. Every person that is a patient is enrolled and monitored. We encourage the use of the Biomatrix. The human genome is unique to each individual, and formulations should be that way too. The idea of collecting the scientific data, paired and integrated with the latest genome technology platformas well as the latest in wearable monitoring devices, provides us with the required support data, to provide DNA customized formulation and service approach, worldwide.

Our Offering

  1. We have proven medical formulations that have been tested and are currently in use.
  2. We have been granted a Mexican Court Mandate to distribute our formulations into Mexico’s Social Security Administration hospital system with more than 80 million registered patients.
  3. We have signed a joint venture with Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals, securing FDA federal production, export, import and distribution licenses and position on the Royal Emerald Board of Directors.
  4. We have entered into a MOU with BIRMEX (Mexico’s Defense Ministry owned pharmaceutical company) for distribution in Mexico and Latin America.

Success Stories