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Excellent relief for helping in the control of anxiety, hypertension, stress and insomnia.

Our usage of full spectrum raw plant oils as a bio-availability mechanism, provides with an entourage effect that potentialize the properties of the rest of the essential oils.

Welcome To Neurofarms

The founding of Neurofarms as a family operated collective is the sum of a long journey of gaining knowledge to understand the best way, method, and/or dosage of natural medications, plants that have been used for millennia by humanity. Since our ethnic roots are Latino, we understand that we are the product of the fusion of Europe and Native America.

It is our belief that the best health practices from many of the ancient cultures and civilizations is a extremely pragmatical and direct approach to achieve a beneficial effect. As Arnica Montana has proven effective in many ailments by centuries of use by Aztecs, and Mayans, likewise Mandrake root, and Ginseng, have been used by Europeans and Chinese cultures with proven results. Cannabis L has been a UNIFYING factor among all of these cultures. Our research and investigation, has taken us to self treat several ailments among our family members, a furthermore testimony that we stand behind our mission to provide a better life for our human brothers and sisters.

Quality, Compassionate Care

We are a Family Research project.

Cannabis and Healing

Our goal is to bring the beneficial use of herbolaria used by many Native American cultures, as a complement in the prevention and/or treatment of a wide variety of ailments.

Our Promise to You

The fusion of the latest technologies in Biometrics, A.I and IoT with the ancestral practices of  health management for a better quality of Life.

Our Products

At Neurofarms we specialize in the production of therapeutic cannabis varieties and the formulation of tailor made herbal solutions which contain cannabis and other plants.

The cultivation, production and manufacturing happen under a strict environmental and quality controlled conditions for help in the treatment of neurological illnesses and other ailments, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, among many others.

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